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Why some City fans need to bury the g...

I was a home and away fan in season 98/99. Why? Well I suppose it was the act of defiance. We’re down among the ‘dead men’ but we will not be cowed. I was playing for City’s Internet team back then and there was a great camaraderie among the lads that got to play against rival net […]

Do you believe in omens?

The last 5  Premier League champions started their campaign on a Monday night.   Just saying…..

Going for a Jimmy Riddle?

The club have been taking some stick this week from the usual no nothing pundits who are berating us for ‘letting James Milner go’. Well it would appear this is far from the truth with new rumours of a £165k pw package being on the table surfacing in the last couple of days. (or 130 […]

Dead Man Walking: Can the Charming Ma...

I have a little bit of a mental battle going on. And to be honest I think a fair number of City fans of a certain age will be feeling somewhat the same. The problem is we remember old City… Not very good City. Financially strapped City. Revolving door City. So when I hear the […]

An inconvenient truth

Social media has made uncomfortable reading for City fans this week. Unexpectedly bad result, season ticket price hikes, spoof sacking posts, gloating neighbours… I’ve tried to avoid it but the fact is as someone who lives their life surrounded by gadgets every day I just haven’t been able to. In many ways I have been […]

Next seasons ticket pricing and locat...

Now available on the official site Some winners some losers but seating at pricing for all has to be an improvement and will hopefully see 55000 sell outs.

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Or maybe this article should be titled ‘How did our lives come to be dominated by 140 characters?’ Maybe I’m getting old (in fact I may have mentioned this a few times before!) but I’m often frustrated by the speed with which everything needs to be consumed or interacted with now. I know that sounds […]

Wookie’s Man City Links

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you the most accurate and comprehensive list of City related sites on the web is back and better than ever! Available now from the menu at the top of the page.

Welcome to bored Journo week

Don’t get me wrong I’m one of the minority of football fans in the UK who does actively make a point of watching internationals. Yes I know, ridiculous, unbelievable even for a blue when the majority of the Sky era has meant any Englishman who blew his nose within 3 feet of the Old Trafford […]

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